Last batiks of 2020!

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It's such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Edwina and her team in Accra, Ghana, to develop these fabrics, and we're thrilled to share these new prints with you!

In the photos above, you can see the wax designs for Confetti and Valencia. Starting with plain white cotton fabric, wax is applied using a stamp to create these designs. Once the wax dries, the fabric is soaked in a dye bath for its first layer of color. Both of these prints go through multiple separate dye baths, for Dashing, the first is red and after wax is removed and another wax pattern is added, it goes into a dye bath for orange and then pink. For Valencia, the first is to dye the pink and the second is to dye the orange!

Here you can see Operabea preparing the Valencia fabric for its wax removal. It's already been dyed pink, and now the wax will be warmed and removed before going into an orange dye bath!






Born in Maruitania and raised in Senegal, Daby Touré's music combines traditional African and western folk music with influences of jazz, reggae and soul. This is one of our favorite albums, particularly the 4th track "Yaw", which feels tender and ethereal but powerful all at the same time. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!



WHAT WE'RE READING // THE EL PASO EXPERIMENT A Public Defender’s Lonely Fight Against Family Separation by Melissa del Bosque

This deeply researched story traces one of the earliest cases brought to court to fight against the government's zero tolerance border family separation policy. While maddening and painful to read, I can't recommend this piece enough if you're interested in understanding how this policy was implemented and how one lawyer tried to fight it.


WHAT WE'RE WATCHING // Jordan Casteel at the New Museum - Virtual Tour

We're super excited about this show at the New Museum of Jordan Casteel's work, and while we're not able to visit in person, this virtual tour, narrated by the artist, is incredible! Join us for a visit to the museum :)

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