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Weekly Newsletter August 13, 2019

Greetings from Detroit!


Thanks all of you who came by to see Kadia last week in Detroit! Our dresses will be in residence at Detroit is the New Black through the end of the month, so stop in and say hello!

We asked Kadia to share some thoughts from her first visit to Detroit:

I was very excited to go to Detroit with Zuri but what I discovered exceeded all of my expectations! I received such a warm welcome and had the chance to learn about the amazing art scene of the city. Visiting art sites such as the Heidelberg Project and Dabls’s African bead store and hearing about their stories was so enriching! Meeting the Zuri family in Detroit was the best part and I can’t wait to come back and have even more Coney Islands! Merci Détroit!

WHAT WE'RE READING // Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jessmyn Ward

This is in many ways a ghost story, where the living and dead, past and present struggle to find a place in this world and the next. Jojo lives with his grandparents in Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, and when his mother comes home from another one of her drug-fueled benders to take him and his younger sister to pick up their father from prison, they journey through memories of generational traumas finding pain and release.

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Weekly Newsletter July 23, 2019

WHAT WE'RE READING // Washington Black by Esi Edugyan

Born into slavery on a sugar plantation in Barbardos in the early 19th century, Washington Black is taken from the fields to assist his master's brother in building a flying machine. He discovers a passion for science and talent for observation that soars with the flying machine out of the island and into new lives far from where he grew up. Wash's story is one of brutality but also transcendence and the magic of curiosity and exploration.

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Weekly Newsletter June 19, 2019

WHAT WE'RE READING // Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Everything that Delores and Margot do is for Thandi. In a community ravaged by poverty and tourism, their best hope for escape is Thandi's education and that she might one day carry them all out, in the way that they now carry the crushing burden of sacrifice for her. This story about the costs of selling themselves for each other, the obligation to and for family, set in the maelstrom of a rapidly changing Jamaica, will leave you wondering, to whom do we owe what?

PS! We have this book in our Bleecker lending library so come check it out!

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Weekly Newsletter June 11, 2019

Meet our newest print: Ma3!

Designed in collaboration with Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri, we're so proud to share our first ever custom kitenge print with you!

We're calling it Ma3, the word for matatu in Sheng, a living language developed on the streets of Nairobi and disseminated across the city on by matatu drivers and touts (fare collectors). In Kiswahili, the number 3 is tatu, so matatu = ma3, the number of coins it originally cost to ride.

Inspired by the matatus that traverse Nairobi’s streets, this print is an homage to the pulsing heartbeat of the city.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, matatus are a way a life for all Kenyans and a dynamic embodiment of contemporary culture.

Printed in Ghana on Ghanaian cotton in the country’s oldest wax print factory, this textile proudly represents an artistic tradition connecting East and West Africa.

We’re thrilled you’re joining us for the ride. Twende!

What we're reading // African Print Fashion Now!

Curious about the art behind the design? We can't recommend this book enough if you're interested in learning about the historical, social and economic contexts of wax print textiles. We were honored to have an editor of this book, Dr. Leslie Rabine, join us for our textile conversation at the MoAD this past weekend, but for those of you who missed it, pick this up!







FIT //

We are glad to let you know that we've updated our shirt pattern in both 1X and 2X so that all new prints being cut right now will be more consistent in size with our dresses!  


We have added more plus size units for each of our new prints being made now! We realize that we're selling through too quickly, so we have increased our production to ensure that everyone who might like to buy is able to do so at their own convenience, rather than immediately once the print drops. We will have many more options available in both 1X and 2X by August. 

It's SO important to us that you're happy and excited about your Zuris! We truly rely on your feedback to understand what's working as well as what needs to be fixed so that we can ensure that both our numbers and our fit are spot on.  We've appreciated hearing from those of you who have taken the time to help us improve our plus size range, and we'd love to hear from others; if you have a thought, we're all ears!

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Weekly Newsletter May 28, 2019

Welcome to Carnaval!

This past weekend, SF celebrated its 41st annual Carnaval, and we were so excited that our very own Inja was in the parade AND SF mayor London Breed rocked a Zuri! The theme of this year's Carnaval was “La Cultura Cura / Culture Heals,” and we're so proud to be part of this celebration of local community and culture!


Photo: Tania Savayan/The Journal News

Another WOW!  Here's @hillaryclinton wearing our Square Inch dress at the Memorial Day Parade in Chappaqua! We're extremely touched that our dress was chosen for this occasion to honor those who served and sacrificed for all of us. (Andrew and Bill, don't fret!! Zuri men's shirts are IN THE WORX!)

WHAT WE'RE READING // Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward

This stunning novel takes you deep into rural Mississippi into the life of a young woman coming of age as the impending storm clouds of Hurricane Katrina swirl around her and her family. She and her brothers are tasked with helping their father prepare for the storm, weathering the unknown, and pulling together to find a way. 
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