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Three years at Bleecker St! <3 <3 <3 We're celebrating three years on Bleecker Street! It feels like only yesterday that we were visiting NYC...

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Voter Registration Drive ✨

Voter registration drive! With less than two months until the elections and so much at stake, we decided that in addition to donating to voter registration...

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Weekly Newsletter Aug 11, 2020

Community Spotlight: Zuri farms! If you, like us, are just REVELING in the bounty of summer and endless tomatoes and peaches, you'll also be as...

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Weekly Newsletter Aug 4, 2020

Community Spotlight: Zuri writes! We're big readers and it is an endless delight that we get to fill our libraries with the thoughtful, inspiring work...

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Weekly Newsletter July 28, 2020

Market Days We usually travel monthly to the markets to source fabric for our clothing, and throughout the month are in touch with vendors to...

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Weekly Newsletter July 21, 2020

Customer spotlight: artists in Zuri! Many of you in our Zuri community are artists, and we wanted to spotlight a few of you today who...

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Weekly Newsletter July 14, 2020

Textile spotlight: Kikoys! We love kikoys -- these 100% cotton fabrics are soft, durable and add a pop of color to any outfit any time...

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Weekly Newsletter June 30, 2020

Hand-dyed in Accra and Dakar We're so thrilled to share with you two new prints, one a hand-dyed batik made in Ghana by Edwina and...

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Weekly Newsletter June 23, 2020

Textile Spotlight: Kanga The first time I visited Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city in the heart of the Swahili coast, I remember seeing women all...

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