Weekly Newsletter Apr 21, 2020

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Happy Earth Day!

We are so privileged to be able to live and work in Kenya, where we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vast outdoors and appreciate its magnificent flora and fauna. We're also profoundly aware that our earth is in peril, and that without action, in addition to causing irrevocable harm to the earth, water and air around us, we will also be causing immeasurable human harm, with the greatest impact on already poor and marginalized regions like here in East Africa. We hope that you will join us today in celebrating our beautiful Earth, and also think about what we can proactively do as individuals to protect our shared planet.

If you're interested in learning more about the impact of climate change in East Africa, we encourage you to listen this deeply researched and thoughtful piece about the human consequences of climate change in Somalia by Laura Heaton and Nichole Sobecki (who also happen to be Zuri sisters!).




WHAT WE'RE WATCHING // Heather McGhee and Ta-Nehisi Coates in conversation with Chris Jackson

Listening to these three in this far-ranging conversation discussing subjects from the power of imaginative fiction in creating a more equitable future to the all-encompassing costs of racism will energize and activate you! Can't get enough of Heather McGhee? We highly recommend watching her recent TED talk

WHAT WE'RE READING // The Mysterious Life (and Death) of Africa’s Oldest Trees by Jamie Lowe

Baobab trees grow in 32 countries on the African continent and have thrived for thousands of years providing sustenance, spiritual and material, to the communities that live in their shadows. In the last 12 years, 9 of the 13 oldest baobabs have died, and in this piece, writer Jamie Lowe explores why this is happening, and its impact.




This album is just SO GOOD. Trained in classical violin, Brittney Parks' music is best described as avant garde R&B (in other words, forget what you think you know about violin, and forget what you think you know about R&B.) She's 25 and she's a dynamo; let's all follow along to see what she'll do next, shall we?



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