Weekly Newsletter Dec 13, 2019

Posted by Sandra Zhao on

Kikoy and Shuka Style Guide!

Not sure how to wear your kikoy or shuka? We have some ideas, and would love to hear yours! These cozy, made in Kenya fabrics are perfect for snuggling around as a scarf, or using around the house! As the holiday season approaches, we can't recommend these enough as (self)gifts that you'll be using for years to come!

PS! For our Europe-based customers, our Bits & Bobs page is live and we've got lots of fun goodies ready to go!



Caveat: this album won't be for everyone! That being said, listening to Woyez will do one of two things. Either: a) you will achieve flow state, in which case, you're welcome; or b) it will induce transient hypofrontality, in which case, you're welcome. 

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