Weekly Newsletter Dec 2, 2019

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Made in Ghana!

We met Edwina and her group of batik dyers two years ago in Accra and from the moment we saw their work, we decided to make it a priority to produce fabrics with their collective. As a small business, we experience first-hand the importance of commitment and reliability when working with all levels of our supply chain, and it's paramount that we uphold the same commitments to those who depend on us! Two years later, we've produced twenty unique textiles together, totaling over ten thousand meters, each hand-printed on cotton sourced in Ghana. We're so proud to be able to continue to support this traditional textile production process and work with this wonderful group of women!

The process starts with cutting a design into a block that can be used to apply wax onto the fabric. You can see above Sarah stamping the design square by square!








The printed fabrics then go into a dye bath where they can stay anywhere from a few hours to a day! Here Vivian is washing the fabric before hanging it out to dry. For designs like Raincheck with multiple colors, the fabric is dyed, then dried, then printed and dyed again!




SF Event! // Zuri Pages Reading

WHAT WE'RE READING // Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn

As you may already know, we're obsessed with Nicole Dennis-Benn! We recommended her first novel, Here Comes the Sun, a few months ago, and when her newest work came out, expectations were high! As hoped, expectations were exceeded and I seriously cannot stop thinking about this book. With grace and care, Dennis-Benn gives us the story of Patsy, a woman born in Jamaica but whose dreams lie in America. We follow Patsy as she leaves her daughter and embarks on a new, hopefully better life. Gripping, heart-breaking, and joyous all at once, you'll soon also be obsessed with this incredible author, too!

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