Weekly Newsletter July 2, 2019

Posted by Sandra Zhao on

We made a podcast: Shop Talk!

From left to right: Blanche, Julia, Ginger, Dee Dee, Inja and Nia.

We feel super lucky that we get to meet and be inspired by our amazing customers (like you!) in our stores. So often we have winding conversations that I wish that we could record and share, so we thought, let's make a podcast!

At one of our first SF popups, we met a customer who said that she was here for a dress, but had to wait for her sister before deciding. That sister arrived, and then mentioned that another sister would be coming. And so it went until eventually we put 1 +1 + 1 + 1 + 1 together. We're so proud now that three of these five sisters are part of our SF team, and we gathered all five women together last fall for a very fun and insightful conversation with Nia, a daughter/niece and myself!

We'll be sharing more conversations with customers as we go along, but for now, cozy up with a cup of tea and join us as we get to know the these amazing women!


Hello from not-so-sunny Nairobi, where I've been listening to A-Star CONSTANTLY.  Born in South East London of Ghanaian descent, his sound is addictive. While it is not for everyone, those of you who do like it are going to need some carrots for those dustbunnies, because all of your other albums are going to be shelved.

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