Weekly Newsletter July 30, 2019

Posted by Sandra Zhao on

Hello from Zuri Kenya!

Greetings from our production team! Here are the ladies (and a few gents) who make up the Zuri Kenya family!

Meet Lilet! She's on the finishing team, and she helps to make sure that every dress and shirt that leaves the production line is correctly put together! She checks all the measurements, makes sure the buttons are on tight and every piece is in tip top shape!







Cynthia has been working with us for over a year and she's on the totes team! So many of you have written telling us how much you love your patchwork tote, and thanks goes to Cynthia and the others on her team whose artistry in joining together the dress offcuts create one-of-a-kind masterpieces!







WHAT WE'RE SEEING // Mrinalini Mukherjee at the Met Breuer

If you're in NY now through the end of September, we can't recommend this show enough! This is the first retrospective of Mukherjee's work in the US and I only wish that I'd known about her sooner! Her sculptures are arresting -- they're strange and beautiful and engrossing, and her use of texture and colors is astonishing.

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