Weekly Newsletter May 26, 2020

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A Perfect Nairobi Day

Like many of you, we're dreaming of our visiting favorite haunts, so let's take a little journey through our imagination :)

Our first stop would be at Wasp and Sprout for a lazy brunch starting with their yummy masala chai. We'd run upstairs after ordering to browse Angela's latest home goods and shop local brands like Provisions Kenya. With a green apple juice to-go, we'd hit the road for our next stop!







Mombasa House is where it all began for us! This fabric market tucked away on the second floor of an unassuming building on River Road in downtown Nairobi is where we bought fabric for the first Zuris, and continues to feel like a home base. We'd pop in to chat with Justine, Josephine, and the rest of the ladies, and see what's new!





After a quick bite at Ranalo's for some fried fish fresh from Lake Victoria, we'd head to the Kuona Collective to visit Dennis (above), Shak (left) and the other artists. The space is green and peaceful, and it's easy to while away the hours here.








We'd finish the day with sundowners and dinner at the Alchemist. The Alchemist is a hub for music, art and food; and by far one of our favorite spots on "campus" is the savory and very craveable Mama Rocks!  Started by sisters Samantha and Natalie, Mama Rocks makes irresistible burgers (we'd personally recommend the Mango Masai Mama or Fela Supa Fly, but really you can't go wrong). There isn't a better way to end the day than to kick back with a hot Dawa cocktail and Nairobi's newest hits!




WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO // Africa Express Presents Terry Riley's In C Mali

In 1964, Terry Riley composed this minimalist composition with no prescribed instruments and 53 phrases, each of which may be played an arbitrary number of times and if the musicians like, at the same time. Because the phrase lengths are also at the discretion of the musicians, the piece can last between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. This recording by the experimental collective, Africa Express, is one of my favorite ever performances of this composition.  Enjoy!!


WHAT WE'RE WATCHING // Africa Express Presents: Terry Riley's In C Mali, A Documentary

Africa Express has been one of the most groundbreaking musical forces for the last 15 years. Bringing together musicians of different ages, cultures, and genres, this performance of Terry Riley's minimalist composition "In C" is a truly unique, on-the-spot musical moment, which will never be done the same twice.  This video, set to the piece, offers a behind the scenes tour of the people and places that inspired the performance, and is extremely peaceful to watch.  Take 40 minutes, put on your headphones, and let yourself be transported. To Mali. In C.

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