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Weekly Newsletter Oct 1, 2019

Team Outing! (to Brooklyn)

As you have already figured out, we're textile nerds -- we love learning about the history of the textiles we work with, we love their aesthetic beauty, and of course we love wearing them! 

Working with our hand-dyeing groups in Ghana and Senegal inspired us to to take our NYC team to learn about hand-dyeing and give it a try ourselves! As we learned about the Japanese art of Shibori, we explored the similarities in techniques our group in Senegal (photos below), especially with the shape resist, which involves folding and tying. 

Indigo dyeing has existed for centuries all around the world, and with it, different techniques developed to create patterns. It's been a wonderful learning experience for us to see how techniques have converged and diverged across cultures!


Whether you live in NYC or happen to be in town, make a stop at the Met to see these stunning sculptures by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu! Residing in the niches in the Museum's facade, these powerful pieces carry the weight of history and bear an Afrofuturist vision. Visit the Whitney Biennale to see more of her work, or follow this link here!

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