Weekly Newsletter Oct 8, 2019

Posted by Sandra Zhao on

We (and our website) are coming to the UK!

We're super excited to announce that starting TODAY, we will be launching our new website* for our UK and EU customers! What does this mean, you ask? Well, for starters, FREE SHIPPING**! Excited? There's more! We'll be shipping from the UK, so that means NO DUTY! Wait wait! Ashleigh and I are coming to London for a POP-UP

Mark your calendars! We'll be at 50 Chiltern St all day from Oct 28-Nov 3, see you there :)

*Just enter shopzuri.com and you'll be automatically redirected to our UK/EU site!

**Since we're just getting started, shipping times may be slightly longer than usual this week and next!


This album by Nigerian higlife artist Celestine Ukwu is perfect anytime. Whether you're cooking, working, reading, or just hanging around, you'll be feeling good and tapping your feet (whether you realize it or not)!

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