Weekly Newsletter Sept 25, 2019

Posted by Sandra Zhao on

Market days

While we often share photos from the fabric market with you, the market is in fact much more than just fabric! Nestled in the heart of Dar es Salaam, this many-blocks-wide shopping bonanza is filled with just about everything that you can imagine!

As you can imagine, we were so excited to see this stunning woman who clearly loves this print as much as we do!








Fruits and veg, anyone? We always stock up on the local garlic as well as whatever is in season--this month, it's tamarind time!








Vendors often pre-peel oranges so they're easy to eat on the go! The market is filled with bicycles and carts topped with everything from citrus to jackfruit!








If you're curious what it's like strolling through the markets in Dar es Salaam, imagine the photos above + the aroma of freshly ground spices + THIS PLAYILIST.  These songs are blasting from every stall in the market--it adds a bounce to our step and colors every decision that we make.  ENJOY!

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