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Have you ever found yourself chatting in one of our shops or noticed a fellow Zurista (™ pending) on Instagram and thought: "Now this is someone I'd love to know!" Well, now's the chance! Since social distancing has leveled our digital playing field, we thought: what a fabulous opportunity to connect with other women whose work or spirit we admire, even from afar! So whether you were curious what new mixed-media piece Soad Kader might be unveiling, which Soulpreneurship course Dr. Shelley Best is leading this month, or EVEN what sort of wild and crazy socks Ginger decided to pair with her "Make It Rain" dress today (which trust me, is on ALL of our minds), this is our chance for all of you free radicals to collide; let's create some energy...over say, mimosas? 

We'll be hosting a 40 minute Zoom call THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19TH AT 11AM PST, 2PM EST here! Our team will be joining from all over and can't WAIT to meet you! Drop in, drop out, feel free! 

For those of you who would like to connect with others on a more permanent basis, please feel free to request that we share your email address with this limited group for this discrete purpose. Might even be a fun book club, no?


We all have plants (some more alive than others 🙄), and we could all use a little cheer this holiday season! Christopher, aka Plantkween, aka the most delightful voice on Instagram these days, is chock full of humor, fashion and the best tips for plant nurturing you're likely to come across in these hallowed interwebs. Hop on, and ENJOY!





Originally from western Kenya, Otile Brown's kunidzia music (meaning, "crossing the boundaries" and which Tanzanians refer to as Bongo), is just the sweet, melodic thing we all need right now.  His track, Dusuma (Doucement) is one of the most played songs on Nairobi radio right now--next time you're in the car, turn it up! 



WHAT WE'RE READING // House of Stone by Novuyo Rosa Tshuma

Originally from Zimbabwe, Novuyo Rosa Tshuma's story is told through the lens of an enigmatic lodger who "knows that the one who controls the narrative inherits the future". Written with dark humor, wit, and seduction, House of Stone is a sweeping epic that spans the fall of Rhodesia through Zimbabwe’s turbulent beginnings, exploring the persistence of the oppressed in a nation seeking an identity.

WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO // It's Been A Minute with Sam Sanders

Each week, Sam Sanders interviews people in our culture who deserve your attention. His recent episode, "How to Have Better Conversations" was especially fun (not to mention timely!) as he gains advice from the owner of a hair salon, whose job has taught her how to be a good conversationalist. We've spent a LOT of time alone this year; let's tune-in and brush-up!

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