Zuri Dispatch 02.08.22 // Zuri Style Ideas We LOVE! 💞 // Dreaming about Spring!

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We love this photo of Soad and her dance group in San Francisco so much-- such fabulous, inspiring style! Extra points for Soad (left) who managed to match both her gladiator sandals and backpack to the burgundy light beams in her dress:)

*The print names of these dresses are (from left): Bright Idea, Buttoned Up, Lotus, Just Dance, Vitamins, and Sunburst.


 Blair Imani is not only an inspirational scholar and educator, but she also happens to put a Zuri outfit together like no other! While you may not be able to see it here, her nails are painted the same pattern and color of her dress, and it is spectacular.  In the meantime, please check out her latest book: Read This to Get Smarter!


Stella's outfits are truly a work of art, and we wanted to share several so that you would get a full sense of just how imaginative and wonderful they are! Here she is in our Chromatic dress with a fabulous contrast print underneath, and shown below are a few of our other favorites -- her outfits are such an inspiration!


Birabiro brings it back to basics with this fabulous styling of a jacketed Trivial Pursuit dress over a simple monochromatic layer and matching blue glasses! Perfect for travel or a day on the go, it's a versatile look that can change right along with the weather:)


We LOVE the way Monika belted her dress and created the perfect proportions with a layered black skirt (and could those be -- yes, they are-- matching pink Fleuvog boots!) underneath. A very cool look that's both flattering and original.

Born in London to Grenadian-immigrant parents, ALA.NI grew up listening to everything from cabaret to calypso. She has been compared to singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland, but her work is so much more; if you haven't heard her yet, feel free to start with her Tiny Desk Concert at NPR studios, and enjoy!

In this surprising and informative history of plastics, while unsurprisingly grim, is a wake-up call for all of us that as we continue to buy into the convenience of disposable plastics and the illusion of recycling. "No end-of-the-pipe fix can manage mass plastics’ volume, complex toxicity, or legacy of pollution, and the industry’s long-standing infractions against human health and rights."

WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO // The Experiment with Julia Longoria


America is a country of contractions, and this podcast dives headfirst into questions that draw out these contradictions and if not untangle them, at least strive to better understand them. I especially appreciated "What Does It Mean to Give Away Our DNA?" in which a Navajo geneticist explores the role that her field has and should have, if at all, in her community.

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