Peek Into Our Production Process!

 Say hello to our production team! These wonderful ladies and gents are responsible for making each and every one of our dresses and shirts, and we could not be prouder of their work! Meet a few of these talented makers!


Edwinah helps fold and pack the completed dresses and shirts! As you may know, these dresses are about as easy to fold as a fitted sheet (ie nearly impossible), so major props to Edwinah for making them look so beautiful! PS hi to Jackline standing behind!





Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve! Meet Pauline!  She's in charge of stitching our shirt cuffs, and each and every shirt that lands with us at our shops passes by her, first. Thank you, Pauline, for being the absolute "tops!"





Beatrice is our line feeder, which means that she organizes the individual components that come from the cutters to make sure that the right sleeve gets matched with the right collar which gets matched with the right everything else!




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